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Aqua story – how it all started

#Aquapower is people, our community

The first Aquaholic Pool Party SG was launched back in September 2017.

We started small, with a few local DJs and live music artists that cheered the music-loving crowd on lazy Sunday afternoons in Sentosa Island.

Gradually, we gained more following and managed to bring together a great community of like-minded people who love music, fun and party, and enjoy their time together regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

The AquaPower lies in the community and its human interactions. The Aquaholics are not only the guest spectators, but the main actors of our parties, its heart and soul.

Aqua story – how it all started

Aquaholic Parties

Aquaholics & growing

International DJS



Music lovers, indulge and dive into the best international beats.

Aquaholic Pool Party is a real music feast, bringing the best local and international DJs to every edition. We have had the pleasure of working with our two resident Aqua DJs, DJ Akito and DJ Shigeki, as well as some Aqua Stars, internationally acclaimed DJs.

We collaborate with music artists from around the world to get the best and varied musical sensations every time. You will hear the top hits from Europe, South America, Asia and many more. #MusicIsTheAnswer


DJ Anthony May

DJ Jesus Montanez


aqua divas

Our Aqua Queens definitely spice up the party. They know how to bring up the party and get all the Aquaholics moving! We have been working with the most prominent draqueens in the industry, boasting local stars and international divas.



vanda miss joaquim

@yourstrulyvandamissjoaquim & @ houseofmissjoaquim

meannie minaj


explore the vibes

We are open to and for everyone, regardless of your nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Join us for some #nothingbutlove vibes…

aquaholic pool party in March

Dear Aquaholics,

Please note that we are unfortunately going to cancel the Aquaholic Pool Party on the 21 of March due to the most recent situation. It has been a very challenging period lately and that is why we are taking even more measures to keep everyone safe. 

We’d like you to know that we value your constant support and we hope for your kind understanding.

We are issuing full refunds and you’ll receive an email within the next 1-2 days to confirm your refund has been issued. At that point, it’ll take 5-7 banking days for your funds to be available for use (it depends on your bank processing the refund). Only primary ticket purchasers will receive a refund. Should you have any questions, please contact us at hello@aquaholicpoolparty.com. We’d appreciate your patience while awaiting our reply due to the high email volume.

For those of you who booked a table with us, please check your email soon.


Aquaholic Team





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